Technology is a vital and exciting part of our lives: we encourage children to enjoy using it and above all learn to be safe in everything they do online.

E-safety plays an important part in the  Linton Heights Junior School curriculum. We aim to teach children:

  • How to keep their own privacy and dignity on the Internet (e.g. when creating personal accounts in or out of school)
  • How to conduct their behaviour online (e.g. through what they write and publish).
  • How to identify ‘danger signs’ on the internet (such as someone requesting personal information)
  • The importance of raising concerns immediately and how to do this
  • Who to talk to about any concerns they have in or out of school about online issues.

We also encourage parents to also take an active role in their child’s use of computers, phones and other technology.

The Two Johns – Annually pupils and staff attend online safety training provided by The Two Johns. These enjoyable sessions educate children and adults alike about how to stay safe online. Well-attended parent workshops are also provided by the company and teach parents/ carers to be vigilant about what their children are accessing online

The ICT Policy can be found on the Anglian Learning GDPR Policy page.

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