The majority of our pupils move to Linton Heights at the end of Year 2 from Linton Infants.  At the end of Year 6 most children then move to Linton Village College.

Children in Year 2 visit us regularly to watch performances, for an open day with a tour, for Forest School sessions, to use the swimming pool and for many other occasions. Year 2 children are ‘buddied’ with Year 5 children who they have a familiar face when they arrive.

There are some useful documents to help Year 2-3 transition below.

Children in Year 6 take part in a range of transition activities before moving up to Linton Village College including two move up days and a summer sports activity. They all worry about getting lost so we spend a lot of time studying a map of the school!

Further information about transition into Linton Village College can be found here.

If you have any concerns about transition, the best place to start the conversation is with your child’s current class teacher.




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