To report absence please complete this form. It must be completed before 9am on the day of the absence and on every subsequent day.

The Linton Heights Junior School approach to attendance

At Linton Heights, we believe that attendance in school is extremely important. We strive to support children and parents to improve attendance by considering all potential factors which may be effecting a child’s attendance, including illness, wellbeing and school enjoyment.

The following information is provided to help parents understand what attendance figures mean, why we feel children’s attendance is so important and what we we, as a school do, to reduce pupil absence.

The School Day

8.20am – the school gates open for the children

8.30am – the gates around the school are closed

8.30am – the class registers are taken.

10.15 – 10.30am – morning break time

12.00- 12.50-  Y3 and Y4 lunch time

12.10- 1.00pm – Y5 and Y6 lunch time

3.00pm – End of school

Consequences to the school of poor overall attendance figures

As a school the effect of poor attendance is primarily seen with children not making expected progress throughout a year and not reaching their full potential.


Attendance figures explained

Attendance is based on a child being at school in time for the morning register as well as the afternoon register so being marked present for 2 sessions a day.

Bothe these sessions count towards their overall attendance figure which is simply a percentage of how many sessions your child has been present throughout the current academic year.

The only reasons a child will be marked as present when they are not in school are if they are being educated at a different location, or at a school event such as a residential or sporting fixture.

There are a variety of different reasons that a child may be absent from school and the school will assign an appropriate code on the register to make staff aware of the reason.

Authorised Absence

Absence from school can be authorised for the following reasons:

Medical appointments

Illness where the school has been notified by phone or in writing.

For advice on whether your child is too ill for school, please visit the NHS website.

Religious observance

Note: An authorised absence is still recorded as the child not being in school and will have a negative effect on their attendance figure

Absence from school will be unauthorised in all other circumstances unless deemed to be ‘exceptional’ by the Headteacher. This does not apply to term-time holidays which will always be unauthorised.

Please see the information below, from the Local Authority, regarding unauthorised term-time leave.

Unauthorised term-time leave (includes holiday).

Any parent who takes a child out of school for term-time leave of more than 6 consecutive sessions over a 4 week period, not authorised by the school (under exceptional circumstances), may receive a Penalty Notice. Such cases will have to be supported by evidence of previous unauthorised term-time leave (more than 6 consecutive sessions overa 4 week period) taken in the last 3 years and evidence of parents being warned about a potential Penalty Notice

Why we feel a child’s attendance is so important

Children’s learning in school is based on a build-up of skills and knowledge.

This build-up is continually planned by teachers on a day-to-day basis. Children that miss one session could miss out on a potentially important session and although every effort is made to catch children up when they return, this is usually not as effective and takes time away from the rest of the class.

If children miss out on a number of sessions this can significantly affect their overall progress.

Children who are away from the school on a regular basis can miss out on opportunities to build strong friendships and can sometimes find it harder to build strong friendships within school.

If for any reason your child is not able to come into school but are well enough to continue their learning at home, the class teachers will provide you will remote learning normally this is done through the Oak National Academy

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